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Whether you’re throwing a neighborhood party, planning a wedding reception, or putting together the office Christmas party, there are always many questions with respect to what types of beverages, and how much of each to have on hand.

Store Shelves of Alcohol

What to buy?

You should calculate the amount of alcohol you will need, and here are some basic guidelines:

First, estimate how many people will be drinking at the event.

Second, you need to estimate the total number of drinks. Since most people will drink 2 to 3 drinks at an event, you would multiply the total number of guests by three. (If you are worried about running out, you may decide to estimate one extra drink per person.) This calculation tells you the number of standard drinks you need to accommodate.

Third, translate the number of drinks that will be consumed into the different kinds of drinks you plan to serve.

Current trends show that approximately 50% of your guests will drink beer.
Approximately 25% of guests will drink wine.
Approximately 25% will drink spirits.

For example, hosting a typical party with 100 guests may require you to serve approximately 400 standard drinks, distributed in this way:

200 12-oz. bottles of beer
100 glasses of wine
100 mixed drinks

Finally, you must translate the number of drinks you plan to serve into bottles. We recommend using the following guidelines:

(1) 12 ounce bottle of beer provides one drink.
(1) 750 ml bottle of wine provides approximately five drinks.
(1) 750 ml bottle of any spirit provides approximately 17 drinks.

To use the example from above, you would then need to purchase the following number of bottles to provide 400 drinks:

200 12 oz. bottles of beer (200 drinks) AND
10 750 ml bottles of table wine (100 drinks) AND
6 750 ml bottles of spirits (100 drinks)

A number of aperitifs and liqueurs are very popular, including Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Kahlua, both of which are often served with milk or coffee. That’s right, don’t forget milk, cola, orange juice, tonic water, soda water, and all the other mixes that make mixed drinks great, and don’t forget to get extra soft drinks and bottled water for non-drinkers and designated drivers.

At G-Will Liquors we carry a large variety of Coca-Cola, 7UP, Seagrams, and Canada Dry products, both in cans and plastic bottles.

We have multiple varieties and sizes of Bloody Mary mix, flavored drink mixers, olives and other bar supplies. We look forward to having you stop by any of our locations and further assisting you with your event needs.

Store Shelves of Alcohol

Our Kegs

We also carry plenty of cold kegs on hand:

A 16 gallon keg will supply approximately 160 – 12 ounce glasses of beer.
An 8 gallon keg will supply approximately 80 – 12 ounce glasses of beer.

We will carry them out and load them into your vehicle as well.

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